Best Steak Knives Set in 2019

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Considering the artistry that goes into cooking the perfect steak, it would be a shame to use substandard knives to cut your masterpiece. Low-quality steak knives will tear through your delicious meat, making it difficult to cut into juicy, bite-sized pieces.  

To help you avoid such horror, I’ve scoured the market to find the best steak knives set in 2019.

Read on to see my favorites. 

What are The Advantages of a Steak Knives Set?

Steak knife sets come with a fantastic range of advantages. Here are some of the most popular benefits that come with purchasing a steak knife set.

Easy Cutting

Steak knives make light work of cutting up steaks as well as other types of meat, fish and even vegetables. In fact, I often find that my steak knives work just great when I’m prepping vegetables for a side dish. 

best steak knives set for cutting steak

Smart Looks

When you purchase a steak knife set, your dinner table will look much better with each person having an identical steak knife. Whether you’re throwing a dinner party or dining with friends, having a set of steak knives adds an air of culinary confidence and experience to your table setting. 

Excellent Gift

If you’re struggling to come up with a great gift idea for that special someone in your life, then a steak knife set can make an excellent choice. 

I have never gifted one that’s not been well received. As an added bonus, if you gift to a close friend or family member, they may even invite you around to try them out the next time they have a steak night! Win!

best steak knives set for gift

How to Choose The Best Steak Knives

Here are some of the most essential features that I recommend you look out for when choosing the best steak knives set in 2019.

Construction Material

You ideally want your steak knives to be made from the highest quality stainless steel. 

This will ensure their longevity, performance and durability. 

Always check what type of steel is used in your knives construction, look out for any particular named types such as 18/10 steel with a high carbon content or more specialist types such as ‘German X50CrMoV15’ steel.

Blade Type

Decide before you make your choice whether you want to opt for a straight or serrated blade. Serrated blades tend to stay sharp for longer; however, they’re not as easy to sharpen as straight blades. 

While some people may tell you that straight edge blades are the way to go, I’ve had many fantastic serrated edge steak knives. Unless you’re in the market for paying out big bucks, at the moderately-priced end of the market serrated models often outperform similarly priced straight-edged blades.

Full-length Tang

This is important, always make sure that your steak knives are full tang. This means that your knife is constructed from one single piece of steel. This ensures that it will last longer and will balance correctly for superior cutting performance. 

If your knife isn’t full tang, the handle may come away during use which could be dangerous.

Handle Material

Check out what the handle of your steak knife is made from. Ideally, you’ll want to look for riveted, non-slip handles which are sturdy and easy to grip. Be aware that wooden handles may retain water, so might not be suitable for use in the dishwasher. 

Handle Design

Some handles are designed to be chunky and more ergonomic, others are narrower and designed to provide an attractive visual continuation of the blade. 

Whatever type of handle design you like the look of, be sure to consider how comfortable it will feel in your hand when using it to cut. 

What is The Best Way to Sharpen Steak Knives?

If your steak knives are starting to lose their effectiveness, it may be time to sharpen them up to get them slicing through your cut of meat as if they were new. Here’s how I sharpen my steak knives at home.

First of all, you need to take into account whether you have serrated or straight edge steak knives as this will affect your sharpening technique.

Straight Edge Steak Knives

Straight edge steak knives can become blunter much faster than their serrated counterparts. However, they’re faster and easier to sharpen. To sharpen your straight edge steak knife, I recommend using a sharpening rod, although you could also use a whetstone or an electric knife sharpener.

Hold the knife away from you at around a 22-degree angle to the rod. Pull it back along the rod’s surface at this angle approximately 10 times. Then, turn the knife over and repeat to sharpen the other side of the blade. 

To use a whetstone, first moisten the stone with water or oil, then glide the knife over the entire length of the stone at a 20-degree angle. Repeat as necessary until you’re happy with the edge and then do the other side.

Electric knife sharpeners are the simplest way to sharpen a steak knife, simply insert your knife and let the gadget do the hard work for you.

Serrated Steak Knives

You won’t need to sharpen serrated steak knives as often as straight blade ones. However, it does take some time to do it correctly.

You can use a triangle-shaped sharpener to get your serrated steak knives cutting like new again. Rock the edge of the sharpener back and forth along the knife’s teeth for best results. 

You could also try a sharpening rod, or even make your own tool from sandpaper as described in this video on YouTube.

Best 5 Steak Knives Sets Reviews – 2019

1. Wusthof Stainless Steel Eight Piece Steak Knife Set 

best steak knives set for gift

This contemporary eight-piece steak knife set would make an excellent gift either for yourself or a loved one thanks to its stylish presentation box. 

The precision-forged blades are 18/10 stainless steel with serrated edges for exceptional cutting performance. The highly polished stainless steel handles add a touch of modern elegance to these high-quality knives. Best of all this beautifully presented steak knife set comes complete with a lifetime warranty as a testament to its durability. 

That said, if you prefer chunkier handles, then this set with its modern style narrow handles just isn’t going to do it for you. Also, the presentation box isn’t of the finest quality, although if you’re just using it to gift the set in before disposal, then it shouldn’t pose any problems. 

Overall, if you’re looking for a stylish set of steak knives that cut as well as they look, then this set could be the perfect match for you or as a gift for that special someone.


  • Eight-piece set in presentation box.
  • Precision-forged.
  • 18/10 stainless steel construction.
  • Serrated edges.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Poorly made box.
  • Narrow handles.

2. Victorinox 6-Piece Mid-size Gaucho Steak Knife Set

best steak knives set Victorinox

Victorinox has been crafting knives in Switzerland since 1884. And this six-piece steak knife set is precision stamped from high-carbon stainless steel to ensure that your steak knives are of excellent quality. 

The blades even undergo a special ice-tempering process to ensure a prime, sharp cutting edge which is then laser tested for optimal cutting power. With their carefully designed weighting for a perfect balance, these steak knives are easy to use and make light work of even the toughest cuts of meat. While the design of the plastic handles may not be to your taste, the ergonomic Fibrox coating provides a textured surface that gives you a steadfast grip. 

Over time you may find that these high-quality blades become a little dull and fail to retain an edge. However, after sharpening they will slice as good as new. The lifetime manufacturer’s warranty is proof of their high standards, so this steak knives set should last you for years to come.


  • Six-piece set.
  • Ergonomic Fibrox grip handle.
  • Ice-tempered sharp cutting edges.
  • Laser-tested. 
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Plastic handles.
  • Blades don’t hold a good edge.

3. J.A. Henckels International Eversharp 8-Piece Steak Knife Set

best steak knife set JA Henkel

If you’re looking for a high quality yet low maintenance steak knife set, then be sure to check out this option by J. A. Henckels International. 

Consisting of eight pieces and serrated EverSharp blades, whether you’re throwing a dinner party or just need some extra knives to use around the kitchen – this set will not disappoint. I sure could have done with a set like this when I recently had friends over for steak night. 

With triple-riveted handles that stay put, these forged stainless steel blades will stand the test of time. The only downsides are that the blades can be slightly flexible when confronted with an extra-tough cutting task and the handles are fairly smooth, without much of a grip. 

However, these knives will rarely need sharpening and they can even go in the dishwasher, saving you the time and hassle washing them separately by hand. All in all, I highly recommend this no-nonsense, superb-quality steak knife set for dining, kitchen use and as a gift.


  • Eight-piece set.
  • Serrated EverSharp blades.
  • Triple-riveted handles.
  • Forged stainless-steel.
  • Dish-washer safe.


  • Blade a little flexible.
  • No grip on handle.

4. Equinox 4-Piece Stainless Steel Steak Knife Set

best steak knives set Equinox
A good choice if you have a small household and are looking for a budget choice, this inexpensive four-piece set by Equinox is highly affordable. It also makes a great gift thanks to its gift box packaging. 

Designed to be low maintenance, the micro-serrated blades provide an excellent cutting performance, without requiring any sharpening. The handles are made from ABS plastic, especially chosen for its durability and moisture-resistant properties, unlike some of the wooden handle sets that I’ve had over the years. So you won’t have to worry about them getting wet or retaining moisture after washing.

In spite of their low price, these steak knives feel great in your hand and I particularly like their ergonomically shaped handles that provide a good grip even when slicing through tougher cuts of meat. The only downsides to this set are that these knives are hand-wash only and their durability is a little questionable in the long term. 

However, given their extremely affordable price and excellent design, they provide good value for money and are easily replaced when necessary.


  • Four-piece set with gift box.
  • Moisture-resistant ABS handles.
  • Micro-serrated blades.
  • Ergonomically shaped handles.


  • Hand-wash only.
  • Questionable durability.

5. Messermeister Avanta Fine Edge Steak Knife Set

best steak knives Messermeister

If you’re looking for a fine, straight edge steak knife set, then check out the Avanta Fine Edge by Messermeister. 

I really love this set’s beautiful looks, with their durable pakkawood handles featuring triple rivets for added longevity. Crafted from the very highest quality Geman steel, it’s easy to see why this set is such a great choice. The cambered long blades have been carefully designed to slice through boneless sections of meat with ease.

Easy to resharpen and made from one piece of stainless steel, as demonstrated by the fully exposed tang, these knives would make an excellent gift either to yourself or for a wedding, anniversary or birthday. Just bear in mind that you will need to hand wash these steak knives. Also, the handles don’t always fit fully flush which can be slightly off-putting. 

However, on the whole, this economical steak knife set represents excellent value for money. It even comes complete with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind. 


  • Four-piece set
  • Crafted from the highest quality German steel.
  • Durable pakkawood handles.
  • Cambered long blades.
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Hand wash only.
  • Handles could fit better. 


All of the best steak knives sets that I’ve reviewed make excellent choices. However, my personal overall favorite is the J.A Henckels International EverSharp Steak Knife Set. 

For a start you get eight top-quality knives, so even if an unexpected guest turns up, you won’t have to turn your kitchen upside down looking for an extra knife. 

best steak knife set JA Henkel

I also really like the quality of these knives. They are corrosion resistant, made from single pieces of steel and feature triple-riveted handles for extra durability. Their EverSharp blades will stay sharp for years to come and they are even dishwasher safe. 

So at the end of a busy steak night with friends, you can just stick them in with the rest of your cutlery and they’ll stay looking good as new!